Chicago Construction Lawyers

Rifkind Patrick, LLC offers Construction Litigation for Businesses & Startups Chicago Business Lawyers

Construction projects already cost a great deal of time and money—disputes and poor construction management should not be added to your business’s burdens. When construction issues arise, our Chicago construction law attorney will take legal steps to protect your best interests.

Call Rifkind Patrick LLC today! We have 40+ years of combined experience serving small, medium, and startup businesses in Chicago, IL.

Handling Construction Disputes & Other Matters

Many of our clients have come to us with complex matters of construction law, and we have helped them find solutions to protect the best interests of their business. Because construction disputes can involve many different aspects of business law, our Chicago construction law attorneys build personalized defense strategies seasoned by decades of legal experience.

Our lawyers handle all kinds of construction law matters, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Warranty claims
  • Delay claims
  • Contractual guarantees
  • Sales of goods disputes
  • Employment disputes

Decades of Veteran Business Law Experience

At Rifkind Patrick LLC, our Chicago Construction lawyers are experienced with all matters of business law and construction law. This is what allows us to handle complex legal situations and find solutions for our Chicago businesses. Construction projects already cost great amounts of time and money; your business should not suffer more burdens when a dispute or other legal issue complicates matters more. Our Chicago construction lawyers get results for businesses!

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We provide the personalized attention of a small firm and deliver the results of a national legal team. With four decades of combined experience in business and construction law, our Chicago construction attorneys accomplish more for our clients and their businesses. Schedule a case consult today and find a construction litigation solution that protects your assets and the best interests of your business!