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Protecting Contractual Rights of Businesses & Start-Ups

Our contract attorneys in Chicago have represented countless businesses in breach of contract suits throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. With more than 40 years of collective experience, we’re more than capable of handling complex contractual disputes and other matters of business law. Whether another party has failed to live up to their contractual obligations, or is bringing allegations against you, contact Rifkind Patrick LLC and get the legal protection you need to protect your best interests!

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We Do More for Businesses in Chicago!

When the best interests of your business are in jeopardy, you want a legal advocate who has the skills and experience to protect your assets. Breach of contract litigation is just one of the legal services that our lawyers handle for businesses in the Greater Chicagoland area and throughout Illinois.

Our Chicago breach of contract attorneys are seasoned with experience on both sides of the courtroom, and because we practice all matters related to business law, we are able to deliver personalized attention that your business deserves!

Resolving Breach of Contract Disputes

It’s not always clear when a party is in breach of contract, especially when the terms of a contract are too vague or too subjective at first glance. But regardless of the contract, your business deserves to have their contractual rights fairly represented in a dispute.

We handle all kinds of matters involving breach of contract, such as:

  • Damages from breach of contract
  • Proving breach of contract
  • Dispute over existence of a contract

Whether contracts are written, oral, or implied, your rights and obligations under that contract should be fairly recognized and represented. At Rifkind Patrick LLC, our business lawyers in Chicago have the experience and legal resources needed to resolve complex and delicate breach of contract cases.

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Our personalized attention to each client and our ability to build unique strategies allows us to accomplish outstanding results for businesses throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. When a breach of contract puts your assets and best interest at risk, your business should not suffer unnecessarily.

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